Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Manchester & Yorkshire

You don’t install new doors every day so you will want to take your time deciding on the perfect product for you. An extremely popular addition to modern UK homes these days are aluminium Bi-Fold doors, partly due to our unpredictable weather. These versatile door systems transform the home and enhance the lifestyle of it’s occupants. Aluminium is available in a vast range of colours, making these doors highly bespoke whatever your taste. Bi-Fold doors are used to replace patio doors, grace extensions, garage conversions and conservatories in parts of Manchester and Yorkshire. Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are constructed from a series of glazed panels which open up by folding like a concertina. Once opened they are unobtrusive, which is great as most conventional doors present a nuisance when opened. Aluminium Bi-Fold doors can be designed to be beautifully streamlined thanks to the strength of the material. As they are also lightweight, they open with an almost silent, smooth action, by means of a tracking system.

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Aluminum Bi-Fold doors are usually installed as a gateway for your conservatory or garden, although they can also be applied to the home’s interior. You can use them to split an interior space, making one large room when folded back. They also include a ‘traffic door’, which means you don’t have to fully open them each time. When fitted by skilled installers like Industrial Door Company, Bi-Fold doors offer exceptional weather protection and thermal efficiency. High quality aluminium doors will keep your home snug in the colder months, and cool in the hot weather when fully opened. They are great for letting light into your home, and can be fitted with blinds or curtains if you want more privacy. You will also benefit from wonderful views of the garden, whether it’s to appreciate nature, or keep an eye on the kids.

One of the biggest concerns for people considering new door systems is how secure they are. High performance Aluminium Bi-Fold doors have features like reinforced, toughened glass panels, and state of the art, multiple point locking systems. The surrounding door frames are also strengthened to support these high functioning doors, and alarms are an option. Aluminium is one of the most secure and reliable materials available on the market today. This technology increases their desirability, without interfering with their sleek, sophisticated looks.

Aluminium Shop Fronts Manchester & Yorkshire Aluminium Shop Fronts

When choosing the style and material for your new shop front, you can’t go wrong with aluminium. Aluminium Shop Fronts bring many advantages to the business owner making them an ideal choice for the modern store. These are challenging times for retail businesses, as the high street is very competitive. This is due to a number of factors, a major one being the rise of the internet, with it’s speed and convenience.

However, retail therapy is a real concept, and sitting in front of a computer cannot replace the pleasure of getting out there and physically browsing around the shops. Many insist on trying on clothes, and shoes or simply handling goods before they are happy to buy. Plus online ordering can be a bit of a faff, with paying up front, having to wait in for delivery etc. Then if things need returning, it can be time consuming to repackage and post or go to the store.

As you can see there is a lot to be said for spending a few hours at the shops, trying on lots of clothes, shoes or whatever and going home tired yet satisfied. Also you can often discover products that were not listed online, especially in the sales.

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The benefits of Aluminium Shop Fronts include slim line styles and large expanses of glazing. This encourages customers to focus on the goods on display rather than the actual windows, frames and doors. It is hard wearing and durable as well as being extremely attractive, so worth the investment.

Aluminium can be bent and curved during it’s fabrication process, giving smooth uninterrupted lines and avoiding the need for bulky joints and rivets. This is another reason for it’s growing popularity within the domestic arena. Aluminium is better for the environment as it is 100% recyclable, and can be used many times without losing it’s unique qualities. It also represents a very cost effective solution for your business, and can be updated should you fancy a change. These are just some of the advantages of Aluminium Shop Fronts, call us to discuss your needs on 0161 736 6484.