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If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own retail business, you may be put off by not knowing where to start. Success is really all about careful planning, and being realistic in your expectations. Consider some of the steps towards opening your own store in Manchester or Yorkshire:-

A Legal Structure

Do you wish to become a sole trader, limited company or partnership? Do your research here, and decide what is the best choice for you. There is plenty of information and advice throughout the internet on this subject. You can also approach an accountant and business adviser.

Products & Services

Decide what your core products and services will be, many products will require services also. If you sell fridges, you may offer servicing and maintenance or repair too, although this if frequently carried out by the manufacturer.

Pick a Name

This can be a fun part of your business plan, bearing in mind that the name has to let others know immediately who you are and what you offer. Go for something obvious rather than a clever play on words, so that people can find you easily, especially online. Your name followed by what you offer is a good idea such as ‘Croft Double Glazing’.

Shop or Online Store

Think about how you will conduct business, will it be in a store, by phone or online? Customers expect a range of options when it comes to buying, but most love browsing whether online or by visiting a shop. Online stores offer convenience, yet people love to try on clothes or see things ‘in the flesh’ before purchasing.

Design Your Visuals

Whatever you choose for your business make sure it catches the eye, and get the best look you can afford. This means an amazingly attractive website, or a fabulous high street store front. Websites come in a range of formats these days for a state of the art result, looking great and functioning well. An actual shop will attract passing trade, and if the shop front is well designed and stunning, will draw customers in through the door in droves.


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Re-purpose your Garage

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There are two big advantages to a garage conversion, well actually there are many, but basically a conversion brings extra value to your home, and you often don’t need planning permission! It is estimated that this home improvement could increase your home’s worth by around £45,000. A survey carried out by Admiral Loans found that 45% of Brits use their garage for storage, as opposed to parking their car. Calculations show that on average, each square foot of living space is valued at £350, and the typical UK garage is 128 foot, meaning approx £45,000 worth of space.

Garages that are attached to the house fall under ‘permitted development rules’, and do not need planning permission which costs over £200. The reason for this is that a conversion doesn’t usually change the building dimensions. If your garage is separate from the house, or your home is described as a maisonette, flat or is listed, you will need to apply for permission.

Check with your local authority, that there are no planning conditions attached to your building before starting any work. If you are using a reputable contractor such as SJP Building Services, to carry out the work, they will usually offer to do this for you. Don’t skip this step though, as you could end up having to take down your home improvement.

People up and down the UK have converted their garage, and are now enjoying their new gyms, playrooms, entertainment rooms, utility rooms, hobby dens and even extra bedrooms. Those who sell on eBay for instance have somewhere to store their excess stock, packaging etc. SJP Building Services are skilled contractors, and as well as offering a wide range of building services, also provide project management. They have lots of experience in the industry and have completed many successful garage conversions.

Take a look at their projects page and read about the extensive work, and attention to detail that goes into each job. Alternatively call them to discuss your project on 07725 364109 or 07855 259927.

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Stunningly Versatile Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

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Picture the scene, you wake up on the day of the family celebration in Manchester or Yorkshire, mostly to be held in the garden. However, it’s raining, so with a heavy heart you consider postponing the party until the weather is dry. But wait, you remember you recently had Aluminium Bi-Fold doors installed, which changes everything. You realise that the garden will still be fully viewable due to the stunning expanse of glass now in place. You also know that the minute it dries up and the sun comes out, you can throw open the Bi-Fold doors and have double the space.

Even when the weather is perfect, there are additional benefits to installing these doors. If there are elderly relatives who would struggle to move around on grass or outdoor surfaces, they can still enjoy the fun. Once your Aluminium Bi-Fold door system is completely folded back, the home and garden are as one. Meaning those sitting inside are just as much part of the proceedings as everyone else.

Visitors are always impressed with the sleek and sophisticated look of Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, not to mention prospective buyers. Although they represent a chic contemporary feel to every home, these doors have been around for quite a while. Bi-Fold doors feature in history as:-

  • Pompei, Italy is the site of a find which included a folding door from 1AD!
  • This type of door, featuring hinged, foldable leaves were often found in ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Romans disliked single leaf doors and used double or folding doors both externally and internally wherever possible.

The versatility of these doors cannot be overemphasised, they are used for domestic and commercial properties. Perfect for patios, extensions, conservatories, showers, bedrooms and many other applications.

If you would like some advice about installing secure, thermally efficient Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, we would be delighted to help. Please contact us on 0161 736 6484.

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Automatic Entrance Doors, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Aluminium Windows & Doors Manufacture, Installation, Service, Repair & Maintenance, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Automatic entrance doors are used extensively throughout commercial and industrial environments across Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, and have many advantages. Not having to push a heavy door open in order to gain access is important if you want your customers or visitors to feel welcome. People who have some form of disability are extremely appreciative of this kind of entrance, and they can ease the stress associated with negotiating entry to buildings. This is especially true where people are carrying items or have cumbersome bags.

Some automatic entrance doors which are sliding or telescopic are great for saving space, ideal for smaller areas. These doors can sometimes be operated remotely for an excellent security feature, allowing selective traffic access while deactivating the door if necessary. They are fitted with highly secure locking systems too, giving a feeling of safety and ultimate control.

Convenient and high performance, aluminium automatic entrance doors are widely used in shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals and medical centres opening as we approach. A range of sensors detect light, sound, weight and motion depending on the door type, and once activated will open.

The doors are excellent in emergency situations such as fires, where swift evacuation is required enabling a fast exit without doors opening and closing. They can also be set to stay closed, avoiding people entering who are unaware of any danger. Versatile entrance doors can be fitted with a ‘breakaway’ mechanism, where they can be pushed outwards in the case of required emergency escape.

Our automatic entrance doors are available in single or double leaf format and can be used as internal or external doors. Their compact mechanisms means that they can be installed into most entrance façades. They are quiet, reliable, look great and are suitable for a wide range of designs.

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Outdoor Space, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

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Outdoor space is a fantastic feature for any property and it’s also one of the most versatile. Gardens are great for letting children run off steam, al fresco dining and bringing the “outside in” is becoming more and more popular.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of plastic sun loungers and uncomfortable folding chairs.  One of the most popular outdoor products is Synthetic Rattan seating with cushions on top of hard-wearing yet beautifully stylish bases. Most importantly, the base units are completely waterproof so should the heavens decide to open you can simply remove the cushions and retreat indoors.

Don’t forget to give your outside space some personal touches too with cushions, candles and beautiful bowls will all help create a beautiful garden and best of all, these items can be rounded up quickly and tucked inside should the weather turn nasty.

There are plenty of options to stay warm if the weather cools in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. A fire pit provides warmth as well as a central focal point. Plus they are perfect if you fancy some alfresco dining in the form of roasted marshmallows.

For illumination, LED lights add a warm glow in the evening.  Opt for battery operated or solar-powered lights so there is no need to worry about ugly extension leads causing a potential trip hazard.

Opening your living space up is achieved by maybe installing large patio doors which blend the outdoors with your home’s interior, and they’re a simple option that’s in tune with today’s trend for open-plan living.  You’ll be surprised at how this simple access to the outside can transform your connection with the garden.

Bi-folding doors is another option that can achieve the same concept, with their sleek and space saving nature, they allow you flexibility of where you position your furniture.  A dining table positioned right in front of the window allows you to enjoy an al fresco dining experience. IDCUK install high quality, great looking aluminium bi-folding doors.  See their range at


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The High Street Shop is Still King, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

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frontPeople are becoming increasingly aware that in order for any high street shop to be successful nowadays, it has to satisfy a variety of needs. Customers have so much more choice now about what they want, when and where to shop, and how much they are willing to pay. Many do all of this digitally for speed and to have something to occupy them while travelling to and from work etc. Information about products is widely available on the internet and customers can also discover via social platforms how well they perform, and if there are any ethical question marks relating to their sourcing or manufacture.

Experts however, are certain that however convenient other forms of shopping are, they will never replace ‘going to the shops’ as a favourite activity for the majority. People crave social interaction and shopping is one of the most popular ways of doing this in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. High street stores are having to rethink the way they do things, in order to present the customer with a unique shopping experience. Seeking something interesting is apparently a definite motivation when people set off to the shops.

High quality goods and merchandise, illuminated and arranged in an interesting way by helpful staff in pleasing surroundings will go a long way towards attracting customers into a store. A good day browsing around the shops provides a range of physical sensations, exercises the body, and counteracts today’s digital overload! The shop front is crucial in making that first impression, which is why we work closely with our clients when designing their new shop front for the most positive outcome. We supply only the most impressive, resilient, low maintenance and long lasting aluminium shop fronts.

For knowledge and expertise in new build shops and shop fitting, Thornwood Construction Ltd tick all of the boxes and offer these services along with extensions, refurbishments and conversions. They have completed many projects for satisfied clients in and around Essex, a few examples of which can be found on the website. Thornwood are also specialists in the groundbreaking Crystic roofing system, which gives an excellent waterproof coating to troublesome flat roofs.

Domestic & Commercial Strong & Lightweight Aluminium Double Glazed Shop Fronts, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire


Enhance your Home with Aluminium Windows and Doors, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

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photo-1Aluminium windows and doors have come a long way since their early days, and heightened awareness of the advantages of this versatile material has resulted in an increased interest within the domestic market. Aluminium windows and doors were always favoured for commercial and industrial applications, but now people are turning more and more towards aluminium as a home glazing solution. This is the case in places like Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, and is partly due to its unique properties which include impressive strength even when formed into a very slim frame. Aluminium window systems have a smart streamlined design, individually tailored to each customers requirements. They are virtually maintenance free, come in a range of window and door styles and configurations, and are available in a wide choice of colours.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors will provide any home with a definite contemporary edge and are often used for swimming pools, conservatories and outdoor buildings or extensions. Elegant sliding folding doors in aluminium, are extremely popular with commercial customers for use in their hotels, bars, restaurants and any business that wants to serve up an alfresco experience for their customers. A large expanse of glass, beautifully designed frames and slimline profiles describe these windows and doors.

Premium quality, expertly engineered aluminium windows and doors from Industrial Door Company, tick all of the boxes and bring an attractive, bespoke enhancement for your home or business. They deliver exceptional weather proofing and are energy efficient with thermal insulation qualities which will save money on fuel bills while keeping drafts out. When it comes to security, these high performance aluminium systems are ahead of the game and offer excellent resistance to forced entry or damage.

To find out more about our aluminium windows and doors, bi-fold doors, folding sliding doors, automatic entrance doors, shop fronts or curtain walling call Industrial Door Company on 0161 736 6484

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Aluminium Shop Fronts & Glazed Canopies, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Aluminium Shop Fronts, Windows, Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, Entrance Doors Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

idcukWe have established the importance of a well designed, smart and impressive shop front for any successful business in places like Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, and not many people would disagree with this. Before anybody sets foot inside your shop, they have already made one or more unconscious decisions about your shop and business. A chaotic display will give the impression of a slightly incompetent or indifferent company, and would you eat in a restaurant with dirty windows?

Shop fronts are now an art in themselves, as people realise how vital that first impression is. Many years ago most shop owners took great pride in the appearance of their shop front, carefully planning the design, colour and materials. Window dressings were styled to show off the goods offered perfectly, tempting and drawing customers in. Awnings and canopies were used to give shelter or shade to anybody browsing or entering the premises, and to add a touch of elegance.

An attractive shop front is still essential for any business, and it is a fact that people will spend more time and money in a place which feels pleasant and safe. They are also more likely to feel assured and confident in the quality of the goods and services on offer.
The rise of internet shopping has meant that shops must compete with the speed and convenience of online websites, but there will always be a need for high street shopping. Shops can provide some much needed retail therapy, and one of the most frequently enjoyed experiences that people engage in alone or with family and friends is a day out at the shops.

At Industrial Door Company based in Manchester, you will find an excellent high quality range of aluminium shop fronts for every taste. We have a long experience of meeting the requirements of businesses, retail outlets, commercial entrances and reception areas. You can also give your business the ‘wow’ factor with a multi functional glazed canopy from TWS Verandas. They will install or simply supply your glazed canopy, awning or shelter, bringing a new dynamic to your premises.

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Attention Grabbing Shop Fronts Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Aluminium Shop Front Design & Installation Contractors, Curtain Walling Specialists. Nationwide Installation, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire


idcukThe most successful business owners understand that along with everything else the first impression given to customers is crucial. This rule applies across the UK, whether it’s Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire or elsewhere. On the high street, you can stand out from the crowd by designing your shop front to deliver maximum impact and get you noticed. Clean, attractive shop fronts attract customers, thats a fact, and there are a few golden rules used by most big name companies to ensure this.

Clever Shop Front Design
Think carefully when creating your shop front, so that customers can immediately recognise the brand from a distance of up to 100 metres. This can be communicated through colour, design logo or other identifiers, prompting interest and impulse visits and helping to establish your location to customers. As they approach your store customers will be able to pick out more detail like an outstanding window display, and an unobstructed and welcoming entrance. Your window display should not be too cluttered and feature a few prominent product arrangements. Incorporate a theme, certain range, price offers or other links to involve the viewer or raise their curiosity. Portray a clear message, perhaps with a seasonal reference such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Mothers Day.

Catching Attention
Large format posters with limited text and simple imagery will catch peoples attention from a distance. Once the overhead signage of your shop is out of view, customers will use other visual information to assess your business and what you have to offer. Your clever use of logos, graphics, colours, lighting, products and materials will influence and hopefully inspire visitors. The presence of other customers is also a big plus for any shop, as an empty shop floor indicates disinterest.

Tempting Interiors
A wide shop entrance is always an advantage, and has more chance of engaging passing trade. It also helps where there is a clear view into the shop. If your shop front width is less than 5 metres, you should concentrate on a stunning and eye catching window display, or a spectacular interior to tantalise people and draw them in.

Smart, well designed and hard wearing are qualities which are always important whether its for shop fronts or things like self storage units. Newcastle Self Storage have a range of clean and functional units, containers, lock ups, workshops and offices for every storage need at three convenient locations in Tyne and Wear.

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IDC – Aluminium Door, Window and Shop Front Specialist in the North West

1IDC is a Manchester based company specialising in the manufacture and installation of aluminium framed doors and windows. We work in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors, creating eye-catching entrances and innovative design solutions.

Aluminium is the ideal material for door and window frames. It is stronger and more versatile than conventional UPVC, allowing it to be used in increasingly imaginative ways. Aluminium is the perfect choice for shop fronts. Slimline aluminium profiles keep the focus away from the frames and on the shop window. IDC supply and maintain aluminium shop fronts, commercial entrances and reception areas. We manufacture and install internal and external curtain walls. IDC have created aluminium framed glazing for shopping centres and supermarkets all over the UK.

Aluminium bifold doors first made their mark in the hotel and restaurant industries but in recent years bifold doors have become increasingly popular in the home. The intrinsic strength and security of aluminium means that aluminium bifold doors can create a 90% opening that is absolutely flush to the floor. Little wonder that IDC bifold doors are regularly installed to give immediate access to patios, gardens and outdoors spaces.

Of course the main rival to aluminium bifold doors – for both domestic and commercial installation – are aluminium sliding doors. IDC design, manufacture and install aluminium sliding doors in a range of RAL colours that are as thermally efficient as they are elegant.

More information on IDC aluminium windows and doors, automatic entrance doors, shop fronts and curtain walling can be found on our new Responsive Design website at

IDC – Aluminium Windows, Doors, Shops Fronts, Bifold & Sliding Doors, Curtain Walls