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Stunningly Versatile Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

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Picture the scene, you wake up on the day of the family celebration in Manchester or Yorkshire, mostly to be held in the garden. However, it’s raining, so with a heavy heart you consider postponing the party until the weather is dry. But wait, you remember you recently had Aluminium Bi-Fold doors installed, which changes everything. You realise that the garden will still be fully viewable due to the stunning expanse of glass now in place. You also know that the minute it dries up and the sun comes out, you can throw open the Bi-Fold doors and have double the space.

Even when the weather is perfect, there are additional benefits to installing these doors. If there are elderly relatives who would struggle to move around on grass or outdoor surfaces, they can still enjoy the fun. Once your Aluminium Bi-Fold door system is completely folded back, the home and garden are as one. Meaning those sitting inside are just as much part of the proceedings as everyone else.

Visitors are always impressed with the sleek and sophisticated look of Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, not to mention prospective buyers. Although they represent a chic contemporary feel to every home, these doors have been around for quite a while. Bi-Fold doors feature in history as:-

  • Pompei, Italy is the site of a find which included a folding door from 1AD!
  • This type of door, featuring hinged, foldable leaves were often found in ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Romans disliked single leaf doors and used double or folding doors both externally and internally wherever possible.

The versatility of these doors cannot be overemphasised, they are used for domestic and commercial properties. Perfect for patios, extensions, conservatories, showers, bedrooms and many other applications.

If you would like some advice about installing secure, thermally efficient Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, we would be delighted to help. Please contact us on 0161 736 6484.

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Automatic Entrance Doors, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

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Automatic entrance doors are used extensively throughout commercial and industrial environments across Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, and have many advantages. Not having to push a heavy door open in order to gain access is important if you want your customers or visitors to feel welcome. People who have some form of disability are extremely appreciative of this kind of entrance, and they can ease the stress associated with negotiating entry to buildings. This is especially true where people are carrying items or have cumbersome bags.

Some automatic entrance doors which are sliding or telescopic are great for saving space, ideal for smaller areas. These doors can sometimes be operated remotely for an excellent security feature, allowing selective traffic access while deactivating the door if necessary. They are fitted with highly secure locking systems too, giving a feeling of safety and ultimate control.

Convenient and high performance, aluminium automatic entrance doors are widely used in shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals and medical centres opening as we approach. A range of sensors detect light, sound, weight and motion depending on the door type, and once activated will open.

The doors are excellent in emergency situations such as fires, where swift evacuation is required enabling a fast exit without doors opening and closing. They can also be set to stay closed, avoiding people entering who are unaware of any danger. Versatile entrance doors can be fitted with a ‘breakaway’ mechanism, where they can be pushed outwards in the case of required emergency escape.

Our automatic entrance doors are available in single or double leaf format and can be used as internal or external doors. Their compact mechanisms means that they can be installed into most entrance façades. They are quiet, reliable, look great and are suitable for a wide range of designs.

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Outdoor Space, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

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Outdoor space is a fantastic feature for any property and it’s also one of the most versatile. Gardens are great for letting children run off steam, al fresco dining and bringing the “outside in” is becoming more and more popular.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of plastic sun loungers and uncomfortable folding chairs.  One of the most popular outdoor products is Synthetic Rattan seating with cushions on top of hard-wearing yet beautifully stylish bases. Most importantly, the base units are completely waterproof so should the heavens decide to open you can simply remove the cushions and retreat indoors.

Don’t forget to give your outside space some personal touches too with cushions, candles and beautiful bowls will all help create a beautiful garden and best of all, these items can be rounded up quickly and tucked inside should the weather turn nasty.

There are plenty of options to stay warm if the weather cools in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. A fire pit provides warmth as well as a central focal point. Plus they are perfect if you fancy some alfresco dining in the form of roasted marshmallows.

For illumination, LED lights add a warm glow in the evening.  Opt for battery operated or solar-powered lights so there is no need to worry about ugly extension leads causing a potential trip hazard.

Opening your living space up is achieved by maybe installing large patio doors which blend the outdoors with your home’s interior, and they’re a simple option that’s in tune with today’s trend for open-plan living.  You’ll be surprised at how this simple access to the outside can transform your connection with the garden.

Bi-folding doors is another option that can achieve the same concept, with their sleek and space saving nature, they allow you flexibility of where you position your furniture.  A dining table positioned right in front of the window allows you to enjoy an al fresco dining experience. IDCUK install high quality, great looking aluminium bi-folding doors.  See their range at


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