Crash / Impact Traffic Doors
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Crash / Impact Traffic Doors

These doors are designed to cope with ‘bump through’ traffic. Specifications vary from impact traffic doors for light use by personnel, through to coping with heavy use by forklift trucks in industrial premises and cold rooms. For use by personnel traffic, traffic doors are often preferred to strip curtains, especially in the food processing industry, as the curtains can become scratched and damaged with use.

Features of Crash / Impact Traffic Doors:

  • Robust construction for constant impact environments
  • Double acting hinges designed for 2 way traffic.
  • Built to fit the precise dimensions of your opening
    for a perfect fit.
  • Seal, separate and insulate different environments.

Traffic doors are ideal for manufacturing plants, cold
storage, walk-in coolers, warehouses, food
processing plants, supermarkets and restaurants.

Elaison Corporation Crash / Impact Traffic Door Manufacturer

Industrial Door Company has a vast range of impact traffic and energy saving doors and products available. Please follow this link to the Eliason Corporation website for whom we are the sole UK

Elaison have been industrial door manufacturing specialists for over forty years. The impact traffic doors use the Eliason Easy Swing Hinge System which makes installation easy and the hinge virtually
maintenance free.

Industrial Crash / Impact Traffic door

The Eliason SFI-1750 double-acting industrial traffic doors are designed Traffic Door for industrial and commercial applications where forklift traffic and other abusive conditions exist. The SFI-1750’s unique energy-absorbing, moisture-resistant core material
and internal reinforcement make it suitable for a range of challenging environments including industrial, cold rooms, food processing and warehouse.

Insulated Crash / Impact Traffic Door

The Eliason HFG-10 insulated double-acting traffic doors are ideally suited for walk-in coolers and freezers, as well as for sales to backroom openings. The HFG-10 door panels are constructed with a
structural PVC frame, clad with impact-resistant thermoplastic and filled with non-CFC urethane foam, providing good insulation properties.

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