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Domestic Aluminium Windows & Doors

For domestic windows and doors where budget is not the prime consideration, aluminium scores highly on several counts. UPVC will always be the lowest cost option. But if you are looking for performance and a highly attractive enhancement to your home, aluminium windows and doors are for you.

Advantages of aluminium for domestic installations:

  • As a general statement, aluminium frames are
    strongly, more robust. The will withstand intrusion
    attempts better that timber or uPVC.
  • As an inorganic material, aluminium will weather
    better that timber of uPVC.
  • The strength of aluminium means that resilient
    performance is achieved without the need for bulky
    frames. The slimline frames are very easy on the eye,
    allowing you to focus on your garden, or your
    property, not your window framework.
  • Aluminium’s natural thermal insulation properties
    help keep your hone draught free, your home
    comfortable and your energy bills low.

Aluminium sliding doors are a fine example of how aluminium is totally unobtrusive, blending subtly into the elevation of your home, with maximum glass to frame visibility. Sliding patio doors are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and the elegance of
aluminium framework is an important reason why. 

For further examples of the benefits of aluminium in domestic glazing, please also see Bi-Fold Doors

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