Fast Action Doors
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Fast Action / Rapid Roll Doors – Roll Up or Fold Up

IDC’s high specification Fast Action / Rapid Roll Doors are designed for external use in high traffic situations. Two versions of the fast action door are available, either roll up or fold up.

In both cases, the high speed door and its associated operating mechanism come as a complete unit. The electrical drive gear is contained within the self supporting frame structure, which can be affixed either externally or internally to the building. This structure also contains the
counterbalancing system, utilising weights, giving smooth operation and fast opening of the door in an emergency.

The high speed rapid roll doors are flexible, being made from self extinguishing, Class 2 polyester fabric, hot sealed by welding and resistant to low temperatures. Transparent PVC windows, treated against ultraviolet rays and of various sizes can be fitted and a choice of modern colours is available.

Rapid Roll / Fast Action Doors – Safety

Every IDC fast action door incorporates two rows of send and receive photo cell units for safety, which stops the door and returns it to the open position in the event of any obstruction during the closing phase.

Reliable operating controls are essential and the electronic unit integrates control of the electric motor with the safety devices and operating controls. Rapid roll / fast action doors can be activated by various types of remote control mechanisms, such as photo-electric cells, microwave radar, mats and induction loops, plus manual push button.

An adjustable timer facilitates control of speed of operation and a manual safety device allows opening in the event of power supply failure. Back up batteries are optional.

Panels fit deep into the vertical guides to minimise air leakage, but draught seals can be specified as an option to assist insulation.

Internal or External Rapid Roll Doors

There are two types of rapid roll door. The external fold up type can deal with windspeeds of up to 70kmph. Internal rapid roll doors have a soft start, soft stop operating system.

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