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Roller Shutter Door Applications

Aluminium automatic entrance doors are highly versatile. Available in single or double leaf format, they can be used as internal or external doors. The compact operating mechanism of IDC automatic entrance doors enables their integration into most entrance façades.

IDC automatic entrance doors are built with designer freedom in mind, can be used in very wide entrances and can be integrated into the column and beam structure or façade entrance.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Domestic Roller Shutter

Domestic roller shutter doors are intended for lighter duty and are easy on the eye. Domestic roller shutters are used to sensitively secure windows in homes, as part of a home security package. They are also used for light commercial applications such as doctors’ surgeries, offices, schools and changing rooms. Depending on customer preference these roller shutters be fitted internally or externally.

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

Commercial roller shutter applications include shop fronts for shops and retail park developments, offices on business parks or as part of an offices complex. Commercial roller shutters are available in solid, perforated, brick bond & tube link lath systems.

Roller Shutter Brick bond lath sections are a normal roller shutter with spaces punched out allowing both visibility and security. They are popular on shops, often internally fitted and also for car parks, where they assist ventilation.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutter doors are often required to withstand intensive heavy use through high traffic volumes. Typical applications for industrial roller shutter doors are loading bays, warehouses and car parks.

IDC Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

At Industrial Door Company we make our industrial roller shutter doors to a particularly robust spec.

We normally use a 3 phases motor for this heavy application. We also incorporate a 75 mm guide as standard. Where other manufacturers may use 65mm. We use 100mm guide for windlock doors, which must be particularly robust to deal with special conditions such as wider openings, or specific security requirements.

Roller Shutter Doors – Options

Roller Shutter Doors are a specialist product of Industrial Door Company. We pride ourselves in our manufacturing ability and comprehensive service and maintenance options.

Roller Shutter Door Options
We have a range of roller shutter doors that can be tailored to meet your requirements. Door operation options include-

  • 3/single phase direct drive
  • 3/single phase chain driven
  • Single phase tube motor driven
  • Hand chain operated
  • Push up manually operated

Anti drop safety brakes are a legal requirement for roller shutters involving any type of pedestrian

Roller Shutter Door Operation Options

Our Roller Shutter Door range includes designs to suit domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. They are generally constructed from 75mm concave galvanised lath, with an option for plastisol and powder coating. Roller shutter door sizes range from 9 to 60 metres sq. Typical roller shutter door operation is push up self coiling. Alternatively, we can manufacture gearless and geared hand chain or single and three phase motor operation.

Shutter Door General Specifications:

The barrel assembly on our industrial roller shutter doors are constructed from high quality mild steel tubing. Diameters range from 102mm up to 275mm, with a wall thickness from 3.65mm to 10mm depending on the size of the roller shutter door itself.

Heavy Duty Roller Shutter Door Balancing

Internal counter balancing springs are housed within captivating machined mild steel blocks and bearings which rotate on a suitable bright drawn mild steel shaft for perfect concentric rotation.

Roller Shutter Door – Curtains

A range of roller shutter door curtains is available, these include:

  • Optional Extras are covering canopies and fascias.
  • Pedestrian wicket gates.
  • Bottom weather seal.
  • Brush strip seal.
  • Safety bottom strip.
  • Automatic operation for electric doors.

Fire Resistant Roller Shutter Doors – Fire Check Range

Fire resistant roller shutter doors are used wherever fire break walls are required. They are popular in works canteens, kitchens and restaurants. The IDC Fire Check range of faced fixed style fire resistant roller shutter doors are manufactured in strict conformity with a quality system.

The complete Fire Check range of fire resistant roller shutter doors have been tested to BS 476 part 22 1987 for up to 240 minutes fire resistance by the Loss Prevention Council Board.

It is essential that the structure to which Fire Check Roller Shutter Doors are fitted has the same fire rating as stipulated for the shelter, i.e. 30/60/120 and 240 minutes.

Fire Check Fire Roller Shutter Doors – Operation

The Fire Check fire roller shutter door range is available in electric single or 3 phase and also manual operation.

Fire Control Panels

We can also offer fire control panels, which can be wired into the existing fire alarm system by others. This will signal the fire shutter to close, either immediately or with a timed delay when the alarm is activated, to suit your individual needs.

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