Steel Security Doors
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Steel Security Doors

Our general purpose personnel/escape door is designed to cope with general commercial use. These versatile doors can be fitted with door furniture to meet the more demanding applications.

IDC steel doors are available as single or double doors with side panels, to meet a wide range of applications. Our Steel Doors are built to fit structural openings for use as Security Doors, Escape Doors, Personnel Doors or Fire Doors. When used for access to utility areas or boiler houses we fit louvres within and also above the door to allow fume exhaust.

Steel Security Rated Doors

Our Steel Security Rated Doors can withstand forced entry attempts using a selection of power tools and can also resist attacks using hammers, crowbars and other hand tools. They are frequently used are used in applications such as banks, government buildings and utility buildings.

Steel Personnel Door Options include:-

  • High security locking system.
  • Magnetic locking systems
  • Access control systems
  • Glass vision panels
  • Intercom system can be incorporated.
  • The steel door can be made to fire rating specification.

Disability Discrimination Act Compliance

Since 2004, compliance with the DDA requires a minimum 925mm opening when the door is in the open position. Many existing fire doors are only 900mm and thus fail to comply with the legislation,
in breach of Health & Safety requirements.

Our standard structural opening size is 1115mm to ensure compliance with the legislation. Our service also covers alteration of structural opening / brickwork, at extra cost.

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