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Stunningly Versatile Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

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Picture the scene, you wake up on the day of the family celebration in Manchester or Yorkshire, mostly to be held in the garden. However, it’s raining, so with a heavy heart you consider postponing the party until the weather is dry. But wait, you remember you recently had Aluminium Bi-Fold doors installed, which changes everything. You realise that the garden will still be fully viewable due to the stunning expanse of glass now in place. You also know that the minute it dries up and the sun comes out, you can throw open the Bi-Fold doors and have double the space.

Even when the weather is perfect, there are additional benefits to installing these doors. If there are elderly relatives who would struggle to move around on grass or outdoor surfaces, they can still enjoy the fun. Once your Aluminium Bi-Fold door system is completely folded back, the home and garden are as one. Meaning those sitting inside are just as much part of the proceedings as everyone else.

Visitors are always impressed with the sleek and sophisticated look of Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, not to mention prospective buyers. Although they represent a chic contemporary feel to every home, these doors have been around for quite a while. Bi-Fold doors feature in history as:-

  • Pompei, Italy is the site of a find which included a folding door from 1AD!
  • This type of door, featuring hinged, foldable leaves were often found in ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Romans disliked single leaf doors and used double or folding doors both externally and internally wherever possible.

The versatility of these doors cannot be overemphasised, they are used for domestic and commercial properties. Perfect for patios, extensions, conservatories, showers, bedrooms and many other applications.

If you would like some advice about installing secure, thermally efficient Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, we would be delighted to help. Please contact us on 0161 736 6484.

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