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Re-purpose your Garage

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There are two big advantages to a garage conversion, well actually there are many, but basically a conversion brings extra value to your home, and you often don’t need planning permission! It is estimated that this home improvement could increase your home’s worth by around £45,000. A survey carried out by Admiral Loans found that 45% of Brits use their garage for storage, as opposed to parking their car. Calculations show that on average, each square foot of living space is valued at £350, and the typical UK garage is 128 foot, meaning approx £45,000 worth of space.

Garages that are attached to the house fall under ‘permitted development rules’, and do not need planning permission which costs over £200. The reason for this is that a conversion doesn’t usually change the building dimensions. If your garage is separate from the house, or your home is described as a maisonette, flat or is listed, you will need to apply for permission.

Check with your local authority, that there are no planning conditions attached to your building before starting any work. If you are using a reputable contractor such as SJP Building Services, to carry out the work, they will usually offer to do this for you. Don’t skip this step though, as you could end up having to take down your home improvement.

People up and down the UK have converted their garage, and are now enjoying their new gyms, playrooms, entertainment rooms, utility rooms, hobby dens and even extra bedrooms. Those who sell on eBay for instance have somewhere to store their excess stock, packaging etc. SJP Building Services are skilled contractors, and as well as offering a wide range of building services, also provide project management. They have lots of experience in the industry and have completed many successful garage conversions.

Take a look at their projects page and read about the extensive work, and attention to detail that goes into each job. Alternatively call them to discuss your project on 07725 364109 or 07855 259927.

Same Day Emergency Repair for Aluminium Doors, High Security, Functional Doors & Windows

Automatic Entrance Doors, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Aluminium Windows & Doors Manufacture, Installation, Service, Repair & Maintenance, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Automatic entrance doors are used extensively throughout commercial and industrial environments across Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, and have many advantages. Not having to push a heavy door open in order to gain access is important if you want your customers or visitors to feel welcome. People who have some form of disability are extremely appreciative of this kind of entrance, and they can ease the stress associated with negotiating entry to buildings. This is especially true where people are carrying items or have cumbersome bags.

Some automatic entrance doors which are sliding or telescopic are great for saving space, ideal for smaller areas. These doors can sometimes be operated remotely for an excellent security feature, allowing selective traffic access while deactivating the door if necessary. They are fitted with highly secure locking systems too, giving a feeling of safety and ultimate control.

Convenient and high performance, aluminium automatic entrance doors are widely used in shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals and medical centres opening as we approach. A range of sensors detect light, sound, weight and motion depending on the door type, and once activated will open.

The doors are excellent in emergency situations such as fires, where swift evacuation is required enabling a fast exit without doors opening and closing. They can also be set to stay closed, avoiding people entering who are unaware of any danger. Versatile entrance doors can be fitted with a ‘breakaway’ mechanism, where they can be pushed outwards in the case of required emergency escape.

Our automatic entrance doors are available in single or double leaf format and can be used as internal or external doors. Their compact mechanisms means that they can be installed into most entrance façades. They are quiet, reliable, look great and are suitable for a wide range of designs.

Same Day Emergency Repair for Aluminium Doors, High Security, Functional Doors & Windows, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Enhance your Home with Aluminium Windows and Doors, Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire

Aluminium Windows & Doors Manufacture, Installation, Service, Repair & Maintenance, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire

photo-1Aluminium windows and doors have come a long way since their early days, and heightened awareness of the advantages of this versatile material has resulted in an increased interest within the domestic market. Aluminium windows and doors were always favoured for commercial and industrial applications, but now people are turning more and more towards aluminium as a home glazing solution. This is the case in places like Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, and is partly due to its unique properties which include impressive strength even when formed into a very slim frame. Aluminium window systems have a smart streamlined design, individually tailored to each customers requirements. They are virtually maintenance free, come in a range of window and door styles and configurations, and are available in a wide choice of colours.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors will provide any home with a definite contemporary edge and are often used for swimming pools, conservatories and outdoor buildings or extensions. Elegant sliding folding doors in aluminium, are extremely popular with commercial customers for use in their hotels, bars, restaurants and any business that wants to serve up an alfresco experience for their customers. A large expanse of glass, beautifully designed frames and slimline profiles describe these windows and doors.

Premium quality, expertly engineered aluminium windows and doors from Industrial Door Company, tick all of the boxes and bring an attractive, bespoke enhancement for your home or business. They deliver exceptional weather proofing and are energy efficient with thermal insulation qualities which will save money on fuel bills while keeping drafts out. When it comes to security, these high performance aluminium systems are ahead of the game and offer excellent resistance to forced entry or damage.

To find out more about our aluminium windows and doors, bi-fold doors, folding sliding doors, automatic entrance doors, shop fronts or curtain walling call Industrial Door Company on 0161 736 6484

Same Day Emergency Repair for Aluminium Doors, High Security Doors & Windows Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire