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Aluminium Windows and Doors

IDC offer you aluminium doors and windows for domestic and commercial use. Our aluminium doors and window systems are found in shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, apartments, industrial units, churches, schools, colleges and hospitals.

Aluminium Windows - Attractions

Aluminium windows incorporate a thermal break which insulates the inner glass from the colder outer pane. This has a dual benefit of retaining the warm air inside and keeping the cold air outside your

A frequently cited attraction of aluminium window frames is their slimline appearance. The strength of aluminium permits the use of unobtrusive frames. By comparison, UPVC frames are often large, with a high volume of UPVC required to achieve the necessary strength.

Aluminium window frames are resilient and long lasting, and another major attraction is that they require the minimum of maintenance.

Aluminium Doors - Attractions

Aluminium doors are most often seen in commercial applications. Their inherent strength and resilience make them the ideal choice for the heavy use of commercial applications such as shops, schools, offices and hospitals. 

IDC Aluminium Doors – Safety Features

IDC aluminium commercial doors are designed with a self closing feature and a hold open option. The transom closers constrain the door opening and automatically close the door at a safe, controlled

Standard doors can be prone to finger trapping. IDC aluminium doors are designed with an anti finger trap feature. This is a very important consideration when specifying doors for hospitals, schools, offices and shops.

Slim & Attractive Aluminium Doors

As with aluminium windows, aluminium doors are stronger and less obtrusive than the UPVC or timber doors. Aluminium doors and windows are available in a range of finishes including anodised and
polyester powder coated to any RAL or BS colour.

Glazing Options for Aluminium Windows and Doors

IDC offer you single or double glazed solutions, ranging from 6mm to 28mm. other glazing options include:

  • Clear and Low E toughened glass.
  • Polyester powder coated galvanised steel, timber lined solid panels are available as an alternative to glass,
    for extra security.
  • Laminated glass from 6.4mm – 11.8mm anti bandit glass.
  • Opaque, obscure, tinted and other glass finishes are available on request.
  • All IDC glazing complies with to BS6206 & BS6262.

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