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Automatic Entrance Doors

Aluminium automatic entrance doors are highly versatile. Available in single or double leaf format, they can be used as internal or external doors. The compact operating mechanism of IDC automatic entrance doors enables their integration into most entrance façades.

IDC automatic entrance doors are built with designer freedom in mind, can be used in very wide entrances and can be integrated into the column and beam structure or façade entrance.

Features of IDC Automatic Entrance Doors

  • Highly compact sliding door operator
  • Quick & easy assembly and onsite installation
  • Designed for easy integration into almost any façade
  • Environmentally friendly in terms of material use
  • Reduces carbon footprint due to heat retention

Automatic Swing Doors - Quiet Operation

DC automatic swing doors are well designed and highly reliable. In addition they are unobtrusive and almost silent in operation. Our small swing door system can operate single interior doors to opening widths of up to 1,000mm. Designed to accommodate metal, timber, or glass doors, the IDC swing door operating system can cope with door leafs weighting up to 100kg.

Activation of Automatic Swing Doors

The IDC swing door system can be used with all activation types, including sensors, infrared movement detectors, key operated switches, foot contact switches, push-buttons and radio control.

Automatic Swing Doors For Disabled Access

Automatic swing doors are a popular choice for compliance with disability requirements, ensuring that entrances are accessible to all users.

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